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CELSE Assessment and Evaluation

Plan of Assessment and Evaluation

Each year, the Center will report to the university, its creative and educational activities, receipt of funding, university and public outreach. After the initial 5-year (sunset) review will be conducted according to the CSU Guidelines for Academic Centers and Institutes. If approved for continued operation, the Center will conduct an internal review and submit the results of that review on the required five-year schedule.

The following factors are identified as being central to the mission of the Center and would therefore serve as items to be assessed for the reporting process.

Educational Initiatives

• Coordination, development and implementation of curricular changes to include sustainability education at the university level

• Provision of professional development opportunities for faculty

• Mentoring of student initiatives in environmental literacy and sustainability education


• Provide outreach opportunities for K-12 teachers and schools to help integrate environmental literacy standards and sustainability education

• Engage university students, K-12 students and community members in science and environmental education and research at Outer Island

• To engage students in community service in the areas of environmental literacy and sustainability education

• Seminars and public presentations


• Faculty will mentor student research in the areas of environmental literacy and sustainability education

• Faculty will present/publish creative activities associated with educational and outreach initiatives