Frequently Asked Questions for Orientation 2014


Orientation Group

1.         Is orientation mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory for all first-time full-time students to attend one of the five two-day summer orientation sessions.  The SCSU orientation program is designed to help you feel comfortable and confident on our campus when you begin classes.  Orientation is a vital part of transitioning into college life, and those who do not attend are at a great disadvantage when the academic year begins.

2.         Why is orientation important?

The primary goals of orientation are to provide you with academic advising, curricular degree requirement information, and your course schedule, and to orient you to your new life at SCSU. You'll learn about the philosophy of higher education, and we'll offer workshops to introduce you to resources that may help you to explore future academic and professional choices. We will also provide information on academic policies, expectations, and procedures so that you understand your options as a student at the university. Orientation also includes social activities, informal discussions, and other opportunities to help you make friends and to familiarize you with SCSU.

 3.         Do I have to stay overnight during orientation?   

It is not required that you stay overnight, but it is highly encouraged. There will be many social activities that happen at night, and we particularly want students to get to know their classmates. These connections will be vital during your first year at SCSU.  If you choose to leave after the mandatory sessions (approximately 9 p.m.), you will be expected to be back on campus early the next morning (approximately 8 a.m.). If you are not planning to live on campus during the fall 2013 semester, you are still invited to spend the night during orientation.

4.         How do I place a reservation for a New Student Orientation Session?

You can place a reservation by visiting electronic Next Steps located in MySCSU.  Click here to access MySCSU.

5.      Is there a special orientation for student-athletes? 

No, student athletes may place a reservation for any one of the five two-day orientation sessions that take place over the summer.

6.         What should I do when I arrive on campus for orientation?

Students  staying on campus should go directly to West Campus Residence Hall Complex between 7:30am- 8:00am to receive their room assignments. Student who are not staying overnight  during orientation will  check in at the Adanti Student Center after 8am.

7.         What do I do if I need accommodations for my disability during orientation?

If you have a disability and require accommodations for orientation or your classes in the fall, contact Southern's Disability Resource Center by phone at (203) 392-6828 or (203) 392-6131 TTY, or by email at:

8.         If I am a non-traditional/adult student do I still have to attend orientation?

We welcome all first-time full-time non-traditional/adult students to join us for a two-day orientation session, or you may join us for our condensed one-day session appropriate for non-traditional students. We will be holding a special sessions for non-traditional students on the dates below-

Session B: Monday, May 19 (5:00 - 8:00, non-traditional students)
Session F: Monday, June 16 (5:00 - 8:00, non-traditional students)
Session J: Monday, July 21 (5:00 - 8:00, non-traditional students)
Session M: Monday, August 18 (5:00 - 8:00, non-traditional students)

9.         Can I be in the same group as my friend during orientation?

Students are assigned to groups randomly. We do not allow students to request group changes. You can plan to meet up with your friends after the mandatory activities to enjoy the night-time entertainment.

10.       Will I be able to purchase my books during orientation?

There will be time during orientation for students to purchase their books.  To purchase textbooks, be sure to bring checks, cash, or a credit card. Books can also be ordered online from the SCSU Barnes & Noble Web site.

11.       When do classes begin?

Classes begin on Thursday, August 28th. 

12.       Where do I get my Hoot Loot card?

You will receive your Hoot Loot card during orientation.

13.       How do I get a parking decal?

Commuter students may register their cars and pick up decals at the University Police Department.  Please visit Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations for more information.

14.       Can my friend/ family member stay with me during orientation?

There will be a Parent/Family Orientation on the first day of each orientation session for the important people in your life.  Friends and family members will not be able to join you for the student segment of orientation.

 15.       What are New Student Days? New Student Days are the next step in your journey to becoming a new student at Southern. ALL new students are required to attend the programs held on Monday, August 25 and Tuesday, August 26th. There will be off-campus excursions and activities held on Wednesday, August 27 that are not mandatory but highly encouraged.

16.       Can I request a roommate during orientation?

Rooms will be assigned the morning of check-in at West Campus Residence Complex. Students who would like to room together should plan to arrive early.