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Academic Bridge Courses

ESL ProgramThe Academic Bridge courses are for bilingual students who have already been admitted to SCSU.  These may be students who have minimally met the TOEFL or equivalent requirements, or they may be Heritage Language Speakers (HLS) who have graduated from American high schools with low verbal SAT scores, and who come from homes where a language other than English has been spoken much of their lives.  Both groups of students need less ESL support than the students in the IEP, yet they need ongoing academic support in order to further develop their academic English skills so that they may ultimately enjoy a positive and successful educational experience at SCSU.

For more information regarding our ESL program, please contact:

Dr. Jesse Gleason, Co-Director
Assistant Professor of TESOL and Spanish
(203) 392-8012

Dr. Elena Schmitt, Co-Director
Professor of TESOL and Applied Linguistics
(203) 392-6138