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2017 – 2018 Academic Year Committee Assignments

Executive Committee

Jordan Jones
Ian Canning
Lisa Galvin
Betsy Beacom

Nominations & Elections

Betsy Beacom
Katie De Oliveira

Constitution and By-Laws

Chris Piscitelli
AJ Bilotta
Emily Rosenthal

Sabbatical Leave

Betsy Beacom
Peter Leung
Goldie Adele

Communications Committee (Ad-Hoc)

Ian Canning
Gregg Crerar
Lisa Galvin
Alicia Carroll
Mark Parrott

Budget and Planning

Chris Piscitelli
Eric Simms

Dining Services

Robin Kenefick

Enrollment Operations

Andrew Smith
Jen Ruggiero

Health & Safety

Jenna Retort

IT Governance

Giovanni D'Onofrio

Strategic Planning Implementation

AJ Bilotta (SA)
Patrick Dilger (IA)
Leilannie Quintana (EM)
Giovanni D'Onofrio (FA)

Homecoming Planning

Janet Klicsu