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Dear Administrative Faculty & Management/Confidential Colleagues:
The Administrative Faculty Senate is looking to hear from you! As part of our Annual Goals for the current academic year, the Senate’s Executive Committee would like you to share your concerns, opportunities, and suggestions related to campus climate, operations, student success, etc. It's important to not only share problems or concerns, but also help the university identify key opportunities and solutions available, that may have been overlooked and not previously considered. The feedback and suggestions provided will be reviewed by the Senate’s Executive Committee for action by the Senate and/or recommendations made to the university’s senior leadership. This feedback tool has been designed to complement President Joe's "Joe Wants to Know" form, and provide a method for collecting suggestions and feedback anonymously for the Administrative Faculty Senate's consideration.
Additionally, we’d like to provide our colleagues with an opportunity to “shout out” or recognize their peers! Tell us about a colleague that deserves professional kudos for a milestone, accomplishment, community contribution or achievement. Here's an opportunity to recognize a professional accomplishment or achievement. Let us know of your shout out(s) worthy of broader campus recognition!
Please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions here.
You can share your feedback anonymously using this form.