Proposal Forms

Course Proposals:

Graduate Course Revisions/Proposal Guidelines - format and guidelines

Graduate Course Proposal Signature Sheet

Graduate Course Minor Revision Form

Special Topics Form


BOR Form - LIC-ACR NEW Academic Program

Application for New Program Approval (.doc) 

NEW Academic Program PRO FORMA Budget (.xlsx) 

New Program Form Signature Sheet

Concept Paper for New Academic Program (.doc) 


*These require levels of DHE review

*Non-Substantive Program Revision Cover Sheet

*Program Modification Form

BOR Form - BELOW TRHESHOLD Academic Offering 

BOR Form - Modification of an Accredited Academic Program  

Modification of an Acredited Program Resource and Cost Analysis

Program Minor Revision Proposal (Requires SCSU internal review only)

Academic Standards Related Forms:

Note: You can interactively fill out the following form in Microsoft Internet Explorer, and afterward print, sign, and send it in.

Template for Academic Standards Committee Review