Proposal Forms

Course Proposals:

Graduate Course Revisions/Proposal Guidelines - format and guidelines

Graduate Course Proposal Signature Sheet

Graduate Course Minor Revision Form

Special Topics Form


BOR Form - LIC-ACR NEW Academic Program

Application for New Program Approval (.doc) 

NEW Academic Program PRO FORMA Budget (.xlsx) 

New Program Form Signature Sheet

Concept Paper for New Academic Program (.doc) 

Department of Higher Education (DHE) New Program Summary Sheet 

DHE New Program Guidelines


*These require levels of DHE review

*Non-Substantive Program Revision Cover Sheet

*Program Modification Form

BOR Form - BELOW TRHESHOLD Academic Offering 

BOR Form - Modification of an Accredited Academic Program  

DHE Program Revision Guidelines

Modification of an Acredited Program Resource and Cost Analysis

Program Minor Revision Proposal (Requires SCSU internal review only)

Academic Standards Related Forms:

Note: You can interactively fill out the following form in Microsoft Internet Explorer, and afterward print, sign, and send it in.

Template for Academic Standards Committee Review