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Campus Construction

Construction Update:  January 30, 2014

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. 

Both of our major construction projects are going well.  The following information will give you an idea of what is going on with each project. 

•    Construction of Elevators “C” and “D” lobbies continues.  Scheduled completion date February 14th.  Elevators to be turned back over to the University when completed.
•    The installation of glass walls in the connector has started and is well on its way. 
•    Pre-cast panels have been received, approved and installed on the side of the front entrance ( not visible at this time) .  Installation of pre-cast panels will continue on the front of the building.
•    New chiller/air conditioning unit has been installed and piping will begin this week.
•    New air handling units have been lifted and installed in the penthouse and currently are being piped and wired. 
•    New roofing material for the mechanical penthouse is on site and new roofing will begin as soon as weather permits.
•    New stair “a” installation has started with the lower level connected to the first level.  Installation will continue, connecting all floors.
•    Installation of sprinkler system piping has been completed on lower level and first floor.  Piping to continue on floors 2,3 and 4.
•    Drywall framing is complete on lower level and level one.  Electrical wiring is being installed and both levels should be ready for drywall installation in the next 2 weeks. HVAC duct work is complete on both floors.
•    Installation of toilet carriers, storm drainage and vent piping continues on all floors.
•    All new duct work for floors 2, 3 and 4 has arrived on site and installation will begin immediately.
•    Additional items, too numerous to list, are being installed, tested etc. contributing to the over-all success of the project.
•    Good News:  we are on schedule for a late fall 2014 completion of the lower level and 1st floor. Floors 2,3 and 4 are on schedule for an early Spring 2015 completion.


•    Erection of structural steel continues.  Work has been delayed by extreme weather conditions.  We hope to make up lost time by developing a recovery schedule in early spring to involve work on weekends and weekday evenings.
•    Work continues on installation of under-slab utilities.
•    Complete South Wing foundation.
•    Start slab on deck prep work for pouring of concrete floors.
•    Form and rebar remaining foundation wall in South Wing.
•    The main focus now is the erection  of structural steel.
•    Scheduled completion date of May 2015 still well in the range.

We are pleased with the progress on both projects.  We are fortunate to have 2 good contractors on these projects:  Skanska and FIP Construction.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert G. Sheeley
Associate Vice President for Capital Budgeting & Facilities Operations