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Tom Struble - Responsibilities

Director of Facilities Operations Services

Tracking Campus Inventory - Capital & Controllable Assets
Duplicating Services
Mail Services
Stores - Equipment & Parts for each Trade
Liaison for DAS Fleet

Other Responsibilities:

Trades Work Order System (Maintenance Direct)
Stores Inventory System (Inventory Direct)
SeeClickFix online
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets - Online
Facilities Website
CO-59 State Report
Work with University Auditors, System Office Auditors and State Auditors
Prepare Inventory, Custodial Supplies & Cost Reports
Track Custodial Supplies used by Academic, Service and ResLife Buildings
DAS fleet reporting of Accidents and Violations by university personal
Purchase Vehicles for Facilities Operations Fleet - Bid process
SCSU State Fleet - Maintenance and Report Accidents
Dispose of electronic surplus equipment
Online Auction of usable surplus - Public Surplus web auction
Work with OIT to receive, store, deliver new computer equipment and surplus end-of-life computer equipment


Member of:

Administrative Faculty Senate as a Senator
Commencement Committee
Health and Safety Committee
Tobacco Subcommittee
Move Committee