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What Mentoring Does

  • Mentoring helps the institution
  • Develops future leaders
  • Improves the university's image and its social responsibility within the community
  • Achieves strategic business goals
  • Retains excellent faculty members


Mentoring helps mentors

  • Share successes and challenges of their careers
  • Feel a sense of satisfaction and personal fulfillment
  • Build a new awareness of issues facing colleagues
  • Better understand the needs and workings of another department
  • Expand leadership capabilities


Mentoring helps mentees

  • Gain an advocate and trusted friend
  • Get adjusted quickly to the culture of the university
  • Support professional growth and renewal
  • Learn how to balance teaching, research, service and other responsibilities
  • Build a circle of friends and contacts within the university
  • Gain job satisfaction and feel a valued member of the community
  • Become future leaders