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Senate Resolutions By Date





S-2017-14 5-22-17 Approved Resolution Regarding New Language for the Grade Replacement Policy
S-2017-13 5-22-17 Disapproved Resolution Regarding Funding and Supporting the Buley Art Gallery
S-2017-10 5-22-17 Noted Resolution Regarding the CSCU "Students First" Initiative:  An Affirmation of Our Commitment to Shared Governance
S-2017-09 7-13-17 Approved Resolution Regarding Grade Appeal Procedures
S-2017-08 5-22-17 Approved Resolution Regarding AAUP Travel Funds, 2017-2018
S-2017-07 5-22-17 Approved Resolution Regarding Increasing the Membership of the Faculty Academic Strategic Plan (FASP) Committee
S-2017-06  3-8-17  Noted Resolution Regarding the BOR Code of Conduct
S-2017-05 3-8-17 Approved Resolution Regarding Guidelines for Addressing Academic Misconduct
S-2017-04 2-23-17 Disapproved Resolution Regarding Inaction on Curriculum Proposals Presented to the Office of the Provost for Action
 F-2016-03  12-15-16  Approved Resolution Regarding Revisions to the Chairperson Document
 F-2016-02  12-15-16  Approved Resolution On a University-Approved Statement for Inclusion in Course Syllabi on Reporting Non-Attendance or Non-Participation to the United States Department of Education
F-2016-01 12-15-16 Approved Resolution Regarding New Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogue Entry Pertaining to University Policy on the Reporting of Non-Attendance or Non-Participation to the United States Department of Education
AY16 FS Resolutions 6-9-16   AY 16 - Summary of Faculty Senate Resolutions
S-16-18 6-9-16 Disapproved Resolution on the Involvement of the Faculty Academic Strategic Planning Committee in Academic Strategic Planning at Southern CT State University
S-16-17 6-9-16 Approved Resolution Regarding Creating A Unified Department Evaluation Committee Document
S-16-16 5-26-16 Disapproved Resolution on AAUP Travel Funds, 2016-2017
S-16-15 5-26-16 Disapproved Resolution for the Provision of Adequate Support for the SCSU Office of SPAR
S-16-14 5-13-16 Approved Resolution Regarding Revisions to the Chairperson Document
S-16-13 5-13-16 Disapproved Resolution to Restore 20-student class caps for Inquiry, Critical Thinking, and Writing Intensive classes
S-16-12 5-13-16 Noted Statement on Accuracy in Administrative Position Titles for Temporary Appointments
S-16-11 4-12-16 Approved Resolution Regarding The Size of the University Sabbatical Leave Committee
S-16-10 3-31-16 Noted Resolution on Increasing the CSU-AAUP Travel Cap for 2015-2016
F-15-08 12-23-15 Approved Resolution Regarding Filling All-University Committee Seats
F-15-07 12-23-15 Disapproved Resolution Regarding The School Health Education Graduate Program
F-15-06 12-23-15 Approved Resolution Regarding Grade Replacement Policy Resolution (S-15-07) - Edited
F-15-05 11-09-15 Noted Resolution Regarding Support of Campus Equity Week: October 26-October 30, 2015
F-15-04 11-09-15 Disapproved Resolution Regarding Modification in the Language Required for Reporting the Recommendations of the Promotion and Tenure Committee to the Candidate and to the Provost
F-15-03 10-20-15 Approved Resolution on the Size of the Robert E. Jirsa Service Award Committee
F-15-02 10-20-15 Approved Resolution to Clarify Recusal Language in Promotion & Tenure Procedures Document
F-15-01 10-20-15 Approved Resolution on Grade Appeal Procedures
S-15-11 04-13-15 Disapproved Resolution On CBA Travel Funds, 2015-2016
S-15-10 04-02-15 Approved Resolution Regarding The Combining of the Academic Standing, University Grade Appeal, and Academic Misconduct Committees
S-15-09 04-07-15 Noted Resolution Regarding Selecting All University Committee Contact Person
S-15-07 02-25-15 Approved Resolution Regarding New Language for the Grade Replacement Policy
S-15-06 02-05-15 Disapproved Resolution Regarding TA Proposed Allocation for the Remaining Academic Year 2014-15
F-14-05 12-31-14 Disapproved Resolution Regarding the Location of the School of Health and Human Services Building on SCSU Campus
F-14-04 12-31-14 Noted Resolution Regarding the 2015-2025 Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives Draft, Dec. 10, 2014
F-14-01 10-17-14 Noted Resolution on Grade Appeal Procedures
S-14-21 Revised 6-4-14 Disapproved Resolution on Student Study Rooms and Library Space at Buley Library
S-14-15 Revised 6-12-14 Disapproved The Faculty Senate Department Chairperson Document
S-14-21 5-7-14 Disapproved Resolution on Student Study Rooms and Library Space at Buley Library - 4-14-14
S-14-20 5-7-14 Approved Faculty Senate Resolution on UCF Pilot Streamlining - 4-30-14
S-14-19 5-7-14 Disapproved Faculty Senate Resolution on the Proposed Moving of the School of Health and Human Services to a Remote Campus
S-14-18 5-7-14 Noted Faculty Senate Resolution on "Student Success Task Force Report:  UCF Steering Committee and LEP Director Feedback" (April 17, 2014)
S-14-17 5-7-14 Disapproved Resolution in Regards to Faculty Parking at SCSU
S-14-16 5-7-14 Approved Resolution to Accept the Student Opinion Survey (SOS) Currently in Use as the Default Instrument that May be Adopted by Departments
S-14-15 5-5-14 Disapproved The Faculty Senate Department Chairperson Document
S-14-14 5-5-14 Approved Duplicate of S-14-09 Resolution: to Alter Recommendation Language in Promotion and Tenure Committee's Decision Letters
S-14-13 5-5-14 Disapproved Faculty Senate Resolution on the Incremental Increase of Faculty Creative Research Grant Funds, 2014-2015
S-14-12 5-5-14 Disapproved Faculty Senate Resolution on the Restoration of Faculty Creative Activity Research Grant Funds, 2014-2015
S-14-11 5-5-14 Disapproved Faculty Senate Resolution on the Restoration of the Original Implementation Plan for Faculty Creative Activity Travel Funds, 2014-2015 (Original Explanation and Application Cover Page appended).
S-14-10 4-28-14 Approved Resolution to Change Language for Promotion & Tenure Candidate Recommendations
S-14-09 4-28-14 Approved Resolution to Alter Recommendation Language in Promotion and Tenure Committee's Decision Letters
S-14-08 4-28-14 Approved Resolution on Graduate Council ByLaws (corrected)
S-14-07 4-28-14 Disapproved Resolution on CBA Travel Funds, 2014-2015
S-14-06 4-23-14 Noted Resolution to Renew the Faculty Opinion Survey on Administrative Effectiveness
S-14-05 4-23-14 Approved
Resolution to Change the Number of Alternates on the P&T Committee
S-14-04 2-26-14 Approved Resolution on Graduate Council ByLaws
F -13-03 11-20-13 Disapproved Resolution From UCF on Class Caps
F-13-02 10-16-13 Approved Resolution To Bring P&T Document in Line with CBA Regarding the Role of President in DEC Hardship
F-13-01 10-16-13 Approved Resolution To Change Language Regarding the Board of Trustees
S-13-13  5-28-13 Disapproved  University Strategic Plan and the Graduate Programs Prioritization Process
S-13-12  6-25-13 Approved Revised Faculty Senate Constitution
S-13-11  5-28-13 Comments Create and Informational Bulletin to Improve TA Processing
S-13-10  5-28-13 Comments Proposal to Reform the TA Process
S-13-09  5-28-13 Disapproved Restoration of Faculty Creative Activity Research Grant Funds 2012
S-13-08  5-28-13 Disapproved Incremental Increase of Faculty Creative Activity Grant Funds 2013-2014
S-13-07  5-28-13  Noted Faculty Creative Activity Funds 2013-2014
S-13-06  5-28-13 Disapproved  AAUP Travel Funds 2013-2014
S-13-05  5-28-13 Disapproved Resolution on Travel Funds
S-13-04 4-1-13 Disapproved The IT Policies IT-001 and IT-002
S-13-03 5-02-13 Approved The Academic Misconduct Policy
F-12-02 12-10-12 Noted Role of President in P&T
F-12-01 12/10/12 Noted Clarify Membership on P&T
S-12-08  8/22/12 Approved w cond Academic Misconduct
S-12-07   7/9/12 Approved Academic Standing Policy
S-12-06  7/10/12 Noted  Travel Funds
F-11-05      8/21/12  Disapproved    Shared Governance
F-11-04   8/21/12   Disapproved  Moratorium on Department Consolidation
F-11-03 4/12/12     Approved Student Attendance
F-11-02       11/14/11 Disapproved   Final Grade Appeal Procedures
F-11-01  11/14/11    Disapproved    Course Enrollment Limits
S-11-02   Disapproved   P&T Document/CBA
S-11-04     8/25/11 Disapproved  Academic Misconduct
S-11-05  8/16/11 Approved   Travel Funds 2011-12
S-11-06         8/16/11 Approved        Grade Appeal Form
S-11-07     8/16/11 Approved Sabbatical Leave
F-10-01 11/11/10 Approved Changes to UCF Constitution
S-10-15  5/26/10 Approved  Changes to P&T Calendar 2010
S-10-14  5/28/10 Approved  Revised SCSU Transfer Policy
S-10-11  5/28/10 Approved WACC Director's Position
S-10-10  5/26/10 Approved  Sabbatical Leave Revisions 2010
S-10-09  5/28/10 Approved Travel Funds 2010-11
S-10-08  4/15/10 Approved Robert E. Jirsa Service Award
S-10-07  4/30/10 Approved Policy for Undergraduate Catalog Regarding Dean's List
S-10-06  4/30/10 Noted  Liberal Education Program Committee
S-10-05  4/19/10 Approved Faculty Senate Resolution on Campus Sustainability
S-10-04  4/10/10 Noted Faculty Senate Statement on Public Emergencies and Student Absences
S-10-03  4/26/10 Approved Proposal Concerning University Support on Creative Activity
F-09-01  11/24/09 Approved Resolution on Faculty Acceptance of the Liberal Education Program
S-09-07  5/20/09 Approved Revised Promotion and Tenure Procedures for Faculty
S-09-06  5/13/09 Approved  Travel Funds Resolution
S-09-05  5/5/09 Approved Continuation of the Current Academic Dishonesty Policy
S-09-03  5/5/09 Approved Revisions to the Faculty Development Advisory Committee By-Laws
F-09-02  4/9/09 Approved Revised Procedures for J. Philip Smith Outstanding Teacher Award
F-08-01  10/28/08 Approved To Ratify the Graduate Council Rules of Order
S-08-10 6/4/08 Approved To Ratify the Consitution of the University Library Committee
S-08-09 6/4/08 Approved* Renewal Document
S-08-08 6/4/08 Approved* P & T Document
S-08-07 6/4/08 Approved Grade Appeal Procedures
S-08-06  6/4/08 Approved Faculty Travel Funds
F-07-04  12/6/07 Disapproved To Ratify the Constitution of the University Library Committee
F-07-03  12/6/07 Approved* Support of New Grades Superceding Old Grades When Student Retakes a Course
F-07-02  12/6/07 Approved* The Importance of PINs in Student Advisement
F-07-01   10/16/07 Approved* P&T Document Addendum
F-06-06  4/26/07 Approved To Accelerate the Process of Approving Faculty Searches
F-06-05  2/26/07 Approved* Strategic Plan Approval
F-06-04  1/10/07 Approved* Classroom Technology
F-06-03  1/10/07 Approved* Information Technology Communication
F-06-02 10/12/06 Noted  Membership Selection for the General Education Task Force
F-06-01 10/12/06 Approved* In Support of Reasonable Assistance for Program Reports
S-06-05 5/11/06 Approved Enforcement of SCSU Grading Policies
S-06-04 5/3/06 Approved Faculty Travel
S-06-03 3/1/06 Disapproved In Support of the Provost's Role in Mediation and Disciplinary Action
S-06-02 3/1/06 Disapproved Deadline for Submission of Final Grades
S-06-01  2/1/06 Approved Sufficient Student Course Options
F-05-03 10/19/05 Approved Password Security
F-05-02 10/19/05 Approved Permitting Matriculated Students to Register Whenever Registration is Open
F-05-01 9/7/05 Approved In Support of Full Time, Tenure Track Hires
S-05-05 3/9/05 Approved Travel Funds
S-05-04 3/16/05 Approved Academic Assessment
S-05-03 3/16/05 Approved UCF Constitution
S-05-02  4/20/05 Disapproved  Building Hours
S-05-01  4/4/05 Approved Grade Change Procedures
F-04-04 11/18/04 Disapproved SCSU WebSite
F-04-03 11/18/04 Disapproved Information Technology Competencies for Students
F-04-02 11/8/04 Disapproved Opposition to Minimum Class Size as a Basis for Course Cancellation
F-04-01 11/8/04 Approved Support of the Academic Strategic Plan
S-04-09 5/10/04 Approved Amendments to the UCF Constitution Approved by the UCF
S-04-08 5/10/04 Approved Amendments to the UCF Constitution Approved by the UCF
S-04-07 5/10/04 Noted Support of Buley Library Budget and Spending Plan Request
S-04-06  5/10/04 Approved Travel Fund Resolution - Finance Committee
S-04-05  4/28/04 Disapproved Technology Resolution - Information Technology Competencies
S-04-04  4/16/04 Approved Sabbatical Leave Document, Paragraph III.C 
S-04-03  4/16/04 Approved  Sabbatical Leave Document, Paragraph II
S-04-02  4/16/04 Noted Potential Merger of the Governing Bodies of CSU and CTC Systems
S-04-01 3/30/04 Approved Degree Granting and Minor Program Approval Procedure
 F-03-02  12/12/03 Noted Proficiency Courses and Faculty Governance of Curricula
F-03-01  10/31/03 Disapproved Retroactive Royalties Return from Intellectual Property Sold to Students
S-03-05 3/13/03 Noted Non-Renewal of Faculty
S-03-04 3/13/03 Approved Faculty Technology Resource Center
S-03-01 2/13/03 Approved Academic Impact Statement
F-02-06  11/6/02 Disapproved Facilities Master Plan
F-02-05  10/23/02 Disapproved  Updated CPR
F-02-04  10/23/02 Approved  Faculty Referendum
F-02-03  10/23/02 Disapproved  Academic Standing
F-02-02  10/9/02 Approved  Registration Reform
F-02-01 10/9/02 Disapproved Academic Impact Statement
S-02-21 5/10/02 Approved Senate Constitution Changes
S-02-20 5/10/02 Disapproved Library Space
S-02-19 5/10/02 Disapproved Endorse Library Committee Resolution
S-02-18  5/10/02 Noted Travel Funds
S-02-17  5/10/02 Disapproved Library
S-02-16  5/10/02 Disapproved Disruptive Students 
S-02-15  5/10/02 Disapproved Registration Dates
S-02-06 to 14  4/17/02  Approved  Changes to P&T Documents 
S-02-05  3/20/02  Approved High Tech Classrooms: Scheduling 
S-02-04 3/20/02 Disapproved High Tech Classrooms: Maintenance
S-02-03 3/20/02 Disapproved High Tech Classrooms: Support
S-02-02 2/6/02 Approved Hardship DEC
S-02-01 2/6/02 Noted The Right to Determine Academic Policy
F-01-10 8/21/02 Approved Senate By-Laws: Accountability
F-01-09  2/6/02  Approved  Graduate Council by-laws revision
F-01-08  1/25/02  Approved  High Tech Classrooms
F-01-07  11/16/01 Noted  Curricular Approval 2
F-01-06  11/16/01  Noted Curricular Approval 1 
F-01-05  11/7/01  Noted  Support of Campus Equity Week 
F-01-04  10/19/01  Approved  Late Withdrawal Policy 2 
F-01-03 10/19/01 Approved Late Withdrawal Policy 1
F-01-02  10/19/01  Approved  Banner: GPA Calculation (Approved with comments)
F-01-01  10/19/01  Approved Banner: Academic History & Prerequisites (Approved with comments) 
S-01-01  05/21/01  Disapproved  Curricula Approval Resolution #2
S-01-01 05/21/01   Addition to Part III.C.2 of the Promotion and Tenure Document (The attached resolution, if approved, would appears as paragraph 2 in Part III.C.2) 
S-01-01  05/21/01  Noted Library Budget Resolution
S-01-06 05/21/01  Approved  Sabbatical Leave Calendar
S-01-05  05/10/01  Approved  Senate Approval of the Revised Graduate Council Rules of Order 
S-01-04  05/02/01  Disapproved  Curricula Approval Resolution #1 
S-01-03  03/17/01  Approved  High Technology Classrooms
S-01-02  03/14/01 Noted  Part-time faculty Travel Funds
S-01-01  02/26/01 Approved  Changes to Parts III.C.1 and III.C.2 of the Promotion and Tenure Document in Regards to the Elective and Hardship DEC
F-00-08  02/01/01  Approved  AV/TV Multi-Media Resolution (Approved with addition of last sentence) 
F-00-07 01/03/01  Disapproved  Faculty Senate University Library Advisory Committee (FS - ULAC) Constitutio 
F-00-06 12/06/00 Approved High-Tech Classrooms - Dual Platforms
F-00-05 11/08/00 Noted Recycling
F-00-04 10/25/00 Noted The EdD Proposal from Educational Leadership
F-00-03 10/17/00 Approved Footnote Corrections to Promotion and Tenure Document
F-00-02 10/13/00 Approve High Technology Classrooms (Approved with specific room information updated)
F-00-01 10/09/00 Disapproved Part-time Faculty