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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    When should I fill out UCF paperwork?
A:    A good rule of thumb is that whenever the printed catalog would need to be changed, you should submit a course or program revision.
Q:    Now that CPR forms are defunct, how do I describe my program changes for the UCF paperwork?
A:    If you open up the online version of the catalog in Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can change your mouse cursor from the "little hand" to a text selection tool that looks something like a capital "I." Use the text-selection tool to copy and paste your catalog copy into a Word document, then strike-through any deletions and highlight any insertions.

Q:    If I'm submitting a new, elective course, do I need to fill out a Program Revision form also?
A:    No, you do not.  A program revision would only be necessary if the course is a requirement in the program.  For a new course, you should complete a "New Course Proposal" form.