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Forms and Directions

Course Proposals

NOTE: Please consult with NMC co-chairs if you are unclear which form to use or have questions about any of the forms: Braxton Carrigan ( or Meredith Sinclair (

Program Proposals

Proposal DEadlines


Type of UCF Proposal Time Frame for Sign-Off by Provost/Designee Effective Term
New Programs & New Minors N/A Depends on BOR Approval Date (Fall Semester Only)
Revised Programs, Revised Courses, & Revised Minors Sept 1st - Feb 1* Fall semester of the next academic year
New Courses Sept 1st - May 31st Next student registration cycle
Revised Programs, Revised Courses, & Revised Minors Feb 2nd - May 31st 15-18 months later (Fall semester, 2 academic years later)

*Contingent upon timely distribution by UCF of approved proposals to implementation team: Registrar’s Office, Academic Affairs (for catalog), and Scheduling.

NOTE: Some complex proposals may not be implemented by the Fall semester.