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Forms and Directions

Course Proposals

NOTE: Please consult with NMC co-chairs if you are unclear which form to use or have questions about any of the forms: Braxton Carrigan ( or Michael Fisher (

Program Proposals

Proposal DEadlines

Due to the large volume of proposals at certain times of the academic year, the following table indicates dates for which proposals must be received at the UCF in order to be given full consideration for the indicated effective term. Please note, that in the unusual case where a number of revision rounds may be needed or the department does not provide revisions in a timely manner, the indicated time frame may be insufficient.

Type of Proposal Received At UCF Provost Signature deadline Effective Term
New Programs & New Minors     * BOR Approval (Fall semester only)
Revised Programs and Minors, New LEP courses  November 1st  February 1st Next Catalog Term (Fall semester only) 
Revised Courses December 1st   September 1st to May 31st Next Catalog Term (Fall semester only)
New (Non-LEP) Courses  Two weeks before Final Exam Week Before next registration period Next registration term

*  UCF cannot guarantee an effective date for new programs and minors because the ultimate decision is determined by BOR approval.

NOTE: Some complex proposals may not be implemented by the Fall semester.