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Job Description Associate Dean, School of Health and Human Services


POSITION TITLE:                           Associate Dean, School of Health and Human Services

RANK:                                                  Administrator VII

Department:                                        School of Health and Human Services

SUPERVISOR:                                   Dean, School of Health and Human Services


Assists the Dean of the School of Health and Human Services with the administration, operation, promotion and evaluation of programs, personnel and budgetary matters of the School.


Prepares documentation and oversees internal evaluation and external accreditation activities for state, national, and professional accreditation.

Works closely with department chairs and program directors to assure the effective, efficient and people friendly operation of all units and to maximize cooperation and coordination of operations.

Responds in a timely and professional manner to the suggestions, inquiries and complaints of students, faculty and staff as assigned or approved by the Dean.

Compiles and analyzes data related to the operation of the School and prepares reports, proposals, presentations, information and materials requested by the Dean of the School.

Represents the Dean of the School as assigned by the Dean.

Performs other duties and responsibilities related to those listed above which do not alter the basic level of the position.


Earned doctorate in a discipline housed in the School is strongly preferred. Successful university level teaching experience, preferrably in a tenure track position. Knowledge of and experience with current state, national and professional accreditation and certification policies, procedures and processes. Strong written and oral communication skills. Computer literacy required, high level of technological proficiency desirable. Demonstrated ability to work successfully in a collegial environment with students, faculty, staff, administration and the public. These qualifications may be waived for individuals with appropriate alternate experience.