Bursar Job Description


New Haven, CT



RANK:                        Administrator V

DEPARTMENT:        Finance & Administration

SUPERVISOR:           University Controller


Directs coordinates, and supervises the office staff in the billing and collection of student tuition and fees; maintains and audits student accounts; accepts, records, and deposits University revenue. Administers the student fee portion of the University's food service plans.


Directs the Bursar's Office in the management and administration of the University's enterprise resource planning system and electronic billing system in preparation for billing of students; coordinates the integration of the University's enterprise resource planning system into the electronic billing process of all student financial assistance programs including Federal, state and institutional assistance as well as statutory and negotiated waiver and benefit programs.

Coordinates tuition payment plans for parents and students. Maintains records and on-line computer system for students involved in this program. Provides debt counseling to students and parents.

Administers the meal plan programs including billing, transfer, buy-in and refund procedures.

Supervises the cash management process in the collection of all revenue including receipt and deposit; data entry of all payments and service transfer invoices against student accounts in the University's enterprise resource planning system; cash control and maintains accurate records of cash receipts. Cash includes currency, checks, money orders and credit card transactions; refunds payments due to student withdrawals, overpayment, academic dismissal, departure from residence hall, cancellation of meal plan, etc.

Directly supervises the collection efforts for all past due university charges and assignment of receivables to a contracted collection agency. Complies with Federal regulations regarding delinquent and uncollectible accounts. Refers seriously delinquent accounts to collection agency.

Monitors and keeps records of PERKINS/NDSL and Nursing Faculty loan programs from initial loan transmittal through final payment of each account. Establishes repayment plans for borrowers and transmits accounts receivable information through services of a contracted computer billing operation.

Coordinates and manages the services for all students who are veterans, reservists and members of the National Guard. This includes Department of Defense (DoD) veteran student tuition assistance and Veterans Administration (VA) education benefits program and oversight of the VA enrollment certification process, the calculation of veteran student educational benefits, the processing of tuition and fee payments (ACH and credit card) from DoD/VA and the processing of refunds to the VA.

Establishes policies and procedures to ensure positive, effective and open relationships with all clients of the Bursar Office including students, parents, faculty and administrators.

Develops and maintains the budget for the Bursar Office, including all personnel, equipment and supplies.

Supervises full-time and part-time professional staff and full-time support staff.

Performs other duties and responsibilities related to those enumerated above which do not alter the basic level of responsibility of the position.


Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration or a related field required. Minimum five years of professional or para-professional level Bursar experience required. Master's preferred. Experience in the management of student financial services in a public institution of higher education and knowledge of automated student record in an enterprise resource planning system and financial accounting systems preferred. These qualifications may be waived for individuals with appropriate alternate experience.