Center for Nanotechnology Technician

POSITION TITLE: Center for Nanotechnology Technician (Part time)

RANK: Administrator III

DEPARTMENT: Physics Department

SUPERVISOR: Director, Center for Nanotechnology

Position posted: November 1, 2013


Responsible for the operation, testing and maintenance of equipment and processes in the Center for Nanotechnology Facilities at SCSU. Responsible for strengthening the Facility's analytical capabilities, education programs and outreach to the internal and external communities.


Trains faculty, staff, and students in the use of highly technical equipment for materials research (with a primary focus on microscopy of hard and soft material) .

Optimizes and documents equipment use, condition, and maintenance and safety protocols.

Develops new protocols as necessary to serve Facility goals.

Mentors and advises users in interpretation of results.

Responsible for scheduling and access to specific equipment within the Center for Nanotechnology.

Responsible for the operation, testing and maintenance of equipment and processes.

Responsible for purchase, documentation and budgeting for the Center facilities.

Responsible for the development and implementation of safety protocols specific to the Center for Nanotechnology.

Acts as a consultant for users to process, image and analyze specimens and to interpret data.

Instructs and qualifies users wishing to process samples on their own.

Serves as liaison with outside users including those from local industry, other SCSU departments, ConnSCU institutions and Yale University.

Performs other duties and responsibilities related to those described above which do not alter the basic level of responsibility of the position.


Bachelor's degree in a physical or engineering science with a minimum of three years related experience. Requires a self-motivated, detail-oriented professional with broad microscopy and sample preparation skills who can provide expertise in a range of core materials characterization capabilities. Understanding of the theoretical aspects of microscopy and demonstrated outstanding skill and performance in the field. Demonstrated experience with user training, routine maintenance and repair of equipment and record-keeping. Advanced computer literacy in both PC and Macintosh environments, familiarity with Microsoft Office programs and digital imaging software, ability to grasp new concepts quickly, willingness to learn new systems, team player, able to interact with a diverse population, and has complete mastery of the use of written and spoken English for technical discussion and user training. Master's degree preferred.

These qualifications may be waived for individuals with appropriate alternate experience.

Please send your resume, a cover letter, and 3 professional references to:

Dr. Christine Broadbridge 

Review of applications begin November 15th. Position is open until filled.