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Tobacco Cessation Resources

Resources to help you quit

Employee Cessation Programs

-Insurance Providers

    • UnitedHealthcare Cessation Program
      UnitedHealthcare provides resources to assist members with smoking cessation.
    • Anthem Cessation Program
      Anthem offers a discounted program to assist members with smoking cessation.

      This special offer can be found under
      Once on the Anthem web-site, follow the below:
      • Tools and Programs
      • Special Offers @ Anthem. They will then have to log in or register to log in if they haven't done so already.
      • Once they are logged in and have confirmed their plan, they should click on the green 'Discounts" button about ¼ of the way down the page. This will take them to the discount programs that are offered.
      • Go to Medicine & Treatment
      • Go to Quit smoking and make other changes

-State Government Counseling and Resources

  • Department of Public Health

Student Cessation Programs

Please refer to this website for resources:
Student Health and Wellness Center