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Work - Life Balance

"It's not the time you put in, but what you put in the time" - Burg's Philosophy


Actions taken by employers and employees to help individuals effectively handle the growing pressures and responsibilities of work and personal lives, to live and work up to their full potential, and to maximize the achievement of their life goals while enhancing their contributions and productivity in the workplace. (Brad Harrington, 2008)

SCSU's Perspective on Work - Life Balance:

It is the goal of the SCSU Work Group on Work-Life Balance issues to assist faculty and staff in meeting their personal and professional obligations.

With more households with two working parents and life expectancies increasing, working adults of this generation are facing different tasks than in the past. Whether it is the responsibility of a newborn or adopted child in a home where both parents work, or caring for an elderly parent who can no longer be left alone, employees are pulled in many directions each and every day.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was enacted in order to protect workers from losing their benefits or position in the event of a personal or family illness. The act does not provide, however, for compensation for state employees unless they have significant accruals on record to cover their absences. As such, managers and supervisors may be asked to make accommodations to an employees work schedule in some situations. 
We hope to educate managers and supervisors regarding these concerns. Varying practices occur around the university, and we hope to provide some consistency and fairness to the process. Please note that all accommodations must be in accordance with the employee's collective bargaining agreement.

Faculty and staff always have the right to use accumulated time when needed in the event of illness for themselves or family members.
Additionally, faculty and staff may request leaves of absence for medical reasons which would allow them to continue to receive paid medical benefits while on leave. Such leave would need to be substantiated by a physician, but remember, care for a relative or family member is protected under the FMLA.

Communication is a key component to working out such issues. Faculty and staff need to discuss their concerns with their chairs or department heads in order to explain their situation. Every situation and circumstance is unique and can most likely be addressed with some creativity and out-of-the box thinking.


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