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Work - Life Balance Committee

Feel free to contact any members of the Work-Life Balance committee.  We are here to assist with any work/life issues that arise and will do our best to accommodate all members of the SCSU community.

Jaye Bailey, Associate VP for Human Resources and Labor Relations

Dr. Michele Vancour, Associate Professor of Public Health, Coordinator of Undergraduate Program

Cathy Christy, Coordinator of the Women's Center

Linda Cunningham, AAUP Membership Services Coordinator

Virginia Metaxas, Professor of History

Dr. Sheila Garvey, Professor of Theatre

Dawn Stanton Holmes, Assistant Director of the Student Center, SUOAF Executive Board

Christine Barrett, Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences, SUOAF Executive Board

Judy Sizensky-Searles, Purchasing Assistant, Clerical Union Steward

Paula Rice, University Human Resources Administrator