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Search for Funding Opportunities and Research Collaborators

Pivot is a powerful new tool that combines funding and collaboration opportunities for researchers and graduate students across all disciplines. Formerly separate Community of Science (COS) databases, (COS Funding Opportunities, COS Expertise and COS Scholar Universe), Pivot is pre-populated with Northeastern researcher profiles (and others) and matches them to current funding opportunities in the COS database. This allows users to search for a funding opportunity and instantly view matching faculty from inside or outside Northeastern. Searching by name will link to matching funding opportunities. Pivot also allows individuals to create unique funding searches, choose to receive weekly emails based upon those searches, and track relevant opportunities.

Visit the Pivot Support page for support guides, training webinars and FAQs.

Using Pivot

1. Creating a Pivot Account

2. Faculty Profiles

Pivot creates faculty profiles automatically by mining the internet for publications and generates a funding search based upon this information once the profile has been claimed. To claim a profile:

Detailed instructions can be found at the Creating and Updating Your Profile Support Guide [PDF].

3. Creating Funding Searches

4. Identifying Research Collaborators

For Additional Support, PIVOT offers You Tube Tutorials as Follows:

Getting Started with COS Pivot

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COS Pivot Profiles

Learn now to search and navigate the Profiles area of COS Pivot.

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COS Pivot Funding

Learn how to search, track, share and tag funding opps and create groups of folks to share funding opps with.

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