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The mission of the SCSU Foundation's endowment is to support the people, programs, and activities of the university in perpetuity. Over the years, growth of the endowment through investment return and charitable giving has enabled the university to provide scholarships and programmatic to students, build faculty excellence, launch new programs and research efforts, and support a wide range of important needs.

For more information about establishing a new endowment, please call (203) 392-5598.

At the close of the fiscal year on 6/30/13, the fundraising results for the SCSU Foundation significantly exceeded the estimates-ending close to $1.9 million. The Foundation's net assets also increased over the prior year to just over $20 million as a result of healthy growth in the financial markets. The market value of the endowments increased $1.7 million from last year to $15.4 million.

2013 Foundation Report chartsThe Foundations Investment Committee revised their Investment Policy through a change in asset allocations. Commencing in January, the portfolio is investing in small allocations to Emerging Markets, Hedge Equity, Global Bonds, and Distressed Debt. This change in policy will help weather any potential downturn that may present itself in the future. The Foundation Board remains optimistic that its investment portfolio will continue to achieve earnings what, when combined with generous contributions from our constituents, should provide strong support. The Foundations objectives remain to increase resources available for scholarships and programmatic support.