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Current Call for Abstracts

2017 poster
13th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Environment, Space and Place
National University
San Diego, California
April 28-30, 2017
Conference Theme: "Nightmare Spaces/Uncanny Places"

People encounter the uncanny every day - the familiar object or person or place that becomes unfamiliar or strange or that is seen or experienced differently. Because the uncanny is familiar yet strange or inexplicable, it calls into question the "taken-for-granted" status of everyday objects and places. It creates a dual vision or cognitive dissonance within the experiencing subject due to the paradoxical nature of being attracted to or comfortable with an object or place yet simultaneously repulsed or unnerved by it. A nightmare space is an uncanny space that feels more threatening and terrifying than bizarre and uncomfortable. Like the doubling associated with the uncanny, nightmare spaces can be encountered or created and involve repetition and (perhaps temporary) anxiety. This is a call for papers from any discipline that explores any aspect of nightmarish or uncanny places/spaces. If there is sufficient interest, IASESP will also include up to two panels of video conference presentations. Revised papers can also be submitted for consideration in the IASESP journal, Environment, Space, Place.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Amusement Parks
Closed/Tight Spaces
Concentration/Death Camps
Cruise Ships
Dark Forests
Environmental Calamities
Gentrification/Urban Renewal
Ghost (or Deindustrialized) Towns
Gridlocked Highways
Open/Wild Spaces
Refugee Camps
Scenes in Movies/TV Shows
Scenes in Novels, Short Stories, and Plays
Shopping Malls
Elm Street

Send proposals to Troy Paddock
Proposals are due February 8, 20172017 poster