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Lobby Art Gallery

Fall 2016 Artwork


Channelings & Portals

Images by Daniel Eugene


EXHIBITION DATES: August 29- october 16, 2016

RECEPTION: saturday september 10, 2016 - 5:00 P.M. TO 8:00 P.M.


Born under the sign of Pisces, Daniel Eugene is an artist and poet born and raised in Bethany, CT who presently lives in the center of Westville Village in New Haven, CT.

In this exhibition Eugene seeks to explore the role images play as portals through which one receives information.

Many of the images we see on a day to day basis are seen involuntarily and tend to interrupt us with thoughts, desires and distractions that draw us outside of ourselves.

Eugene's interest is in the potential of the image to do just the opposite by creating space in which those who look upon it are drawn inward to think their own thoughts and develop a deeper relationship with their inner world.

In "Channelings & Portals" Daniel Eugene presents a series of images that seek to allow the viewer an experience of their own uncharted spaces and that act as a counter-tonic to the images we are forced to witness daily that smother those spaces with external desires and sensationalism. 

Sponsored By: The Lyman Center


African American Collection
African American Collection
"Images of America"

Jeffrey A. Fletcher the owner/collector


EXHIBITION DATES: October 24- december 18, 2016


The artifacts and images of the exhibit help to explain how the debilitating effects of slavery and its legacy of institutional racism continue to impact America. The urgency to begin a dialog about this history is important so that stereotypes and myths are dispelled.

Sponsored By:  SCSU Multicultural Center and The Lyman Center