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Gallery at the Multicultural Center, ASC Rm 234 

Film Series:

Latinos Beyond Reel
American History X
Girl Rising


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Diversity on a college campus is an invaluable asset. It offers students the opportunity to gain exposure to new ideas, expand their global perception and foster the ability to collaborate with people from different backgrounds. Although campus diversity has grown considerably in the U.S., there is still a limited number of support networks and resources for these students. Our resource aims to connect students with support networks and resources geared towards their backgrounds to help maintain and encourage diversity on college campuses.

FREE!  MobilizeGreen will hold its Annual Conference and Diversity Career Fair at the Ronald Reagan Trade Center and Building in Washington, D.C. The event will connect the best and brightest diverse talent with leading green employers, federal public land management agencies, and environmental organizations that need interns. Apply at

Past Speakers/Lectures:

Bobby Gonzalez
Dr. Farrah Gray
Carmen Elisa Espinosa
Wes Moore
Samuel T. Ross-Lee
Judith Rozie- Battle
Chad Goller- Sojourner
Franciso Ortiz
Jonathan Kozol
Waverly Duck
Dr. Sileshi Semaw
Erin Davies
Eva Vega
Juan Castillo
Ron Jones