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SCSU Search Procedures

Click on the appropriate links below to download guidelines (in PDFs) for each of the following search procedures. Each guideline may be downloaded and copied for distribution to search committee members. 

Administrative Faculty

Classified--Clerical, Protective Services, Maintenance


Management Confidential


Failed Searches

If none of the applicants or interviewed candidates are deemed appropriate, or if all of the acceptable interviewees decline offers, the director or dean shall confer with the unit head (i.e., vice president, provost, or president) to determine whether to reconsider other applicants in the pool, to readvertise for the purpose of expanding the applicant pool, or to close the search.

If after conferring with the unit head, it is decided to close the search, the director or dean shall notify the Office of Diversity & Equity and the Office of Human Resources, in writing, that the search has failed, indicate the reason(s) for the failed search, and identify subsequent action.

Candidate Reimbursement Procedures and Form