Past Due Accounts

Southern Connecticut State University expects that all students meet their financial obligations prior to the start of each semester. In some cases, students may become past due during the semester for various reasons (i.e. inadequate or returned financial aid, missing payments on payment plans, the addition of unforeseen charges during the semester, etc.).

A full or part time matriculated student's account is considered past dueafter a 10 day grace period from the bill due date. Any part-time student and/or any full-time student who registers after the semester bill due date and does not pay upon registration is also considered past due.

Penalty for Late and Non-Payment

If you do not pay the amount due on the scheduled due date your account will be considered past due and a hold will be placed on your account. 

Past due accounts are subject to a $50 late fee after the ten (10) day grace period, and if applicable, your housing assignment and class schedule may be cancelled. 

The hold is not subject to the ten (10) day grace period andrestricts students from registering for a future semester, accessing their grades on line, and requesting transcripts.

Collection of Debt 

In an effort to collect past due debt, the University will send e-mails and collection letters to these students at the last known address the student provided to the University; this letter advises students that they have thirty (30) days to pay the balance in full or set up a past due payment plan to avoid having their account sent to a collections agency. Students failing to pay past-due accounts or make adequate payment arrangements within thirty (30) days will be assigned to a collection agency. Collection agency fees will be charged to the student and their past due balance will be reported to the credit bureau(s).

Past Due Payment Plan

The University understands that some students may not be able to pay their past-due accounts in full and may wish to avoid being sent to a collections agency. As a convenience, Southern Connecticut State University is offering student’s with past due accounts the option to enroll into a past due payment plan. The Past Due Payment Plan will allow students to break down their past due balance into easy to manage installments rather than the one lump-sum payment. Students who wish to enroll into a past due payment plan must contact the Bursar's Office at 203-392-6140 to discuss an agreeable monthly arrangement. Students on a past due payment plan will not be allowed to register for a future semester until their entire balance is paid in full.

Once the past due payment plan is in place, failure to make a required payment plan installments within ten (10) days of any due date will result in a $50 late fee. Failure to make a required payment plan installment within thirty (30) days of any due date will result in the student being withdrawn from the past due payment plan and their account will be sent to a collection agency without further notice. If a student is referred to a collection agency they will be responsible for all collection fees, be reported to a national credit bureau(s), and the University will no longer accept direct payments - in that the student must make all payments to the collection agency before conducting any further business with the University.