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The eBill + Payment Suite is Southern's official method for sending student account statements and making online payments. eBill provides a secure method that allows students (and their authorized users) to view their account information as well as make payments online. This service also sends email notifications to students and authorized users when new statements are available online.

Students can add authorized users to their account, which allows those whom they designate--typically parents or employers--to receive email notifications of new online statements as well as make payments on behalf of the student.

Understanding Your eBill Statement

Click here to review an explanation sheet (PDF) that will help you better understand your eBill Statement.

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Already familiar with eBill + Payment Suite? Making a payment online is simple! Log in:


Log in to MySCSU; click on Banner Web; select Student Services; click "View EBill or Make Payment;" and click the View bills and make payment button.

Authorized Users

Log in via the eBill + Payment Suite log in page.

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