Financial Aid Questions

I was awarded Financial Aid, why do I have a late fee?

Your award acceptance may not have been submitted on time or your award may have been posted to your account after bills were due. Please contact the Bursar's Office at (203) 392-6140 for more information about your late fee.

female student smiling outdoorsMy Financial Aid was awarded and I submitted my acceptance online, when will it show up on my bill?

Once all of your requested documents have been processed and financial aid is in memo form,  it will appear on your bill.   Check with the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

My Financial Aid award came in, is my payment plan automatically updated/canceled?

YES. Once your financial aid is in memo form on your account your payment plan will adjust to reflect the financial aid as a payment on your account. If the financial aid covers the entire remaining portion of your outstanding bill, the place will terminate.

When will Financial Aid loan check refunds be processed?

The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships is required by federal law to verify that you are eligible for the loan by being registered as a matriculated student with the proper number of credits. This is a two-week process that the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships can not begin until after the Add/Drop period ends. The refund process will begin once this process is complete. 

How can I purchase text books and supplies using my financial aid?

You may use up to $800 of excess financial aid to purchase text books and supplies by requesting your excess funds be transferred to your Hoot Loot Card. Use the Financial Aid Request Form at the University Card Office website