Health Insurance Questions

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How can I waive my Student Health Insurance?

You can only waive your insurance on-line, see our Student Health Insurance page for full details.

How often am I require to waive the Student Health Insurance?

Students are required to submit an insurance waiver each semester; however if you submitted an insurance waiver for the fall semester, the fall insurance waiver will automatically carry over to the spring semester within an academic year.

If you have comparable health insurance coverage but do not submit an insurance waiver, you will be enrolled into the Student Health Insurance Plan and will be responsible for the fee. Check here for waiver deadline dates.

If you have any questions concerning the health insurance, please contact Aetna Student Health toll-free at 877-375-4244 or visit their website at

When is the last day I can waive my health insurance?

The last date to waive health insurance is listed on the important dates page

I waived my insurance -- when will it show as waived on my account?

Twenty-four hours (1 business day) after you waive your insurance it should show as waived on your account.

What does the Student Health Insurance cover?

For information about the Student Health Insurance, please visit the SCSU page on the Aetna Student Health Insurance website.

I waived the Student Health Insurance, how can I get the Health Insurance back?

You must contact Bursar Office representative Barbara Zalot at (203) 392-5327 or via e-mail at