Health Insurance Questions

When is the last day I can waive my health insurance?

The last date to waive health insurance is listed on the important dates page

What does the Student Health Insurance cover?

For information please contact Aetna Student Health toll-free at 877-375-4244 or visit the  Aetna Website

How do I waive the health insurance?

Students can waive the university health insurance by following this link to the waiver site.  You will need your student ID number and your insurance card.

Do I have to waive the health insurance every semester?

In most cases, when the insurance is waived for the fall semester, it will carry over to the spring as well.  Please check your bill statement to ensure your credit is received.  You must resubmit a waiver annually each Fall.  

I waived the health insurance, when will it be reflected on my account?

Please allow 1-3 business days for the waiver to be processed and reflected on your student account.

I need health insurance now; can I reverse the health insurance waiver?

Yes, the waiver can be reversed within the specified time period by filling in the form available at the Bursar’s office and making the required payment.