Payment Plan Questions

How do I set up a payment plan?

The first payment is due the day you sign up for the payment plan, along with a $45.00 enrollment fee.  Please click here to get started.

What happens to my payment plan when the financial aid is applied to my account or changes?

Your payment plan will be automatically adjusted, increasing or decreasing the scheduled payments accordingly.  If your Financial Aid award exceeds your balance due there will be no future payments.   

Do I have to update my payment plan when new charges are added to my account?  

Your payment plan will be automatically adjusted, increasing the scheduled payments accordingly. 

Do I have to sign up for a new plan every semester?

Yes, plans are based on one term at a time.

Can I sign up for a payment plan for the winter and summer terms?

Payment plans are available for the fall, spring, and summer terms only.

Can I sign up for a longer payment plan, my payments are too high?

Payment plans are set up to end when the registration period opens for the next term.  SCSU is required to place a hold on accounts that are not paid in full prior to registering for a future term.  For more information on past due account arrangements, please click here.