Refund Questions

I have a credit on my account. How do I initiate a refund?

No action is required on your part.  The Bursar’s Office reviews accounts weekly for excess funds and issues refunds within 14 days of the credit balance occurring.  Financial aid recipients with an anticipated credit balance must wait until the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships notifies you that the funds have disbursed to your account for the credit balance to occur.

How will I receive my refund?

Students can elect to have their refund sent direct deposit to their bank account, have a check mailed to the address on file with the University, or have the funds sent to a Higher One account.  To select your preference click here.  If your credit balance is due to a credit card over-payment, your refund will be credited back to the credit card used when making the payment.

I withdrew from a course/the University, where is my refund?

Any refund due to withdrawal is automatically credited to your account based on the withdrawal date filed with the Registrar’s Office.  Your refund amount is based on the CT Board of Regents Refund Policy.  In addition, the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships may be required to return previously credited financial aid in the event of withdrawal.  Should the previously mentioned transactions create an excess balance on your account; a refund will automatically be issued within 14 days of the credit balance occurring on your account.

What is the Owl’s Choice Card?

The Owl’s Choice Card is issued by Higher One, a financial services company, contracted with Southern CT State University to process refund payments.  You will be sent a card which is required to select a refund preference.  Please keep the card, even if not selecting the debit account option, as you will need it to set up a direct deposit to your own bank or a paper check as your preference.  Click here to get started. 

How do I receive my Owl’s Choice Card?

If you have not received your Owl’s Choice Card, please contact email the University Card Office or call 203-392-7077.

I have a credit balance, why did I not receive my refund?

You may have requested that the University hold excess funds to pay for future charges, such as a future term tuition (students may wish to have SCSU hold the funds for winter or summer course payment when aid may not be available).  Please log into Banner Web to rescind your Title IV Authorization to hold excess funds on your account.  Your refund will then be issued within 14 days.