Tuition and fees are established by the the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities Board of Regents for Higher Education. This listing is intended to help estimate the costs of attending Southern and students are responsible for any fee increase that the Board of Regents authorizes up to the first day of classes.

Bursar Tuition and FeesFall and Spring semester payments for full and part time matriculated students are due in full approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the first day of classes.  Payments by ALL students registering for courses after the semester due date or offered in winter session, spring break, and/or summer sessions are due at the time of registration.  Click here for information on withdrawal refund deadlines.

Payments may include financial aid, scholarship(s), third party payments, payments from personal resources or enrollment in a payment plan.

Students (and their authorized users) can review their current charges and make payments online using the eBill + Payment Suite system (accessible through MySCSU BannerWeb Services for students).

 Click here for a detailed Guide to Registration & Bill Payment.

Penalty for late and non-payment

A full or part time matriculated student's account is considered "past due" after a 10 day grace period from the due date. Any part-time student and/or any full-time student who registers after the semester due date and does not pay upon registration is also considered past due. Past due student accounts are subject to a $50 Late fee, will have a hold placed on their account,  and/or have their class schedule canceled and if applicable, their housing assignment canceled.  Holds placed on accounts will prevent students from registering for subsequent semesters and restrict access to transcripts and grades.  Special circumstances may be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Financial Aid

An application for financial aid does not guarantee eligibility for a financial aid award nor exemption from your payment.  If your financial aid is not present on your current eBill statement and you have a balance due to the University, you must make payment arrangements by your bill due date.

You may review your financial aid award on the web on MySCSU Banner Web.  If you have any questions, we encourage you to visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships in the Wintergreen Building or contact the office at (203) 392-5222. 

Other Assistance

If you have:

1.  A written commitment from a third party payment;
2.  An outside scholarship;
3.  A University waiver; or
4.  Some other assistance from a source outside of the University

The  Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships must have written authorization regarding and outside assistance prior to your registration. You are responsible for making payments for any portion of your bill that is not covered by other assistance.