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Records & Information Management

records & information management*

*Please note that this office does NOT handle student records (transcripts, gRADE changes, course changes, address changes, etc.). For all requests pertaining to student records, please see the SCSU Registrar's Office website or contact the registrar's office at 203-392-5301.


The Office of Records & Information Management (ORIM) is responsible for safeguarding the University's official records and informational assets by governing the management, access, retention, storage, protection, and disposition of those assets.

The ORIM office also provides training and operational assistance for all divisions and departments concerning their records retention and secure information management practices.

The Office of Records & Information Management is located in the Wintergreen Building Mezzanine.

For additional information, please see our website.


Cynthia Shea-Luzik, Manager, Procurement Services

Richard Glasson, Procurement Services

Phone:  (203) 392-6202

Fax:      (203) 392-5057