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Our staff collaborates with colleagues at regional and national conferences on topics such as enrollment management, student and program assessment, and information management. Links to the supporting materials are provided below:

Leadership in Higher Education Conference, Atlanta, October 2016
Riccardi, R. Creating a Data-Driven/Data-Informed Culture

AAUP Conference on the State of Higher Education, Washington D.C., June 2013
Riccardi, R. Collegiality as a Fourth Criterion for Personnel Decisions

Academic Chairpersons Conference, Orlando, February 2012 
Riccardi, R.  The Lynchpin of a University: What We Know About Department Chairs

NEACRAO Conference, Newport, November 2010 
Riccardi, R.  Research and Publication: It's Not Just for Faculty!

NETA Conference, Brewster, April 2010 
Riccardi, R.  The Role of Women in Higher Education

NEACRAO Conference, Portland, November 2009 
Riccardi, R.  The 60/40 Gender Gap: The Difference? Lipstick!

NEACRAO Conference, Portland, November 2009 
Riccardi, R.  Discrimination Then and Now

AACRAO Technology Conference, Tucson (July 2009), NEACRAO Conference, Portland (November 2009), and AIR 2010 Annual Forum, Chicago (May 2010) 
Riccardi, R.  Why Can't I Register For This Course?  Leveraging Registration Audit Data to Manage Enrollments

Globalization, Shared Governance, and Academic Freedom: An International Conference as part of the AAUP Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., June 2009 
Riccardi, R.  The State of Shared Governance: Principles, Perceptions, and Politics

Sungard Summit, Philadelphia, March 2009 
Riccardi, R.  Leveraging SFASTCA to Manage Enrollments

AACRAO Technology Conference, Baltimore, July 2008  
Riccardi, R.  CIO by Committee: IT & Shared Governance

Sungard Summit, Anaheim, April 2008  
Riccardi, R.  CIO by Committee: IT & Shared Governance

AACRAO Conference, Orlando, March 2008
Riccardi, R.  Assessment 101: What Every Registrar Needs to Know

NEACRAO Conference, Waterbury, November 2007
Riccardi, R.  One Stop Shops: How Are They Working? (Or Are They?)

AHEAD Conference, Charlotte, July 2007
Riccardi, R.  Program Evaluation and Assessment

AHEAD Conference, San Diego, July 2006
Riccardi, R.  Student & Program Assessment: A Blueprint for Success (Plan, Implement, Modify, Repeat)

AIR Conference, Chicago, May 2006
Riccardi, R.  Designing an Office of Management Information and Research: Lessons Learned

CACR Meeting, Mystic, April 2006
Riccardi, R.  One-Stop Shopping: From Bricks to Clicks