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Bid Results

The following are the results of recent SCSU bids. For current bid opportunities please visit the Purchasing Bids page. Bid results are published in Excel format and can be downloaded by clicking on the results link (in bold).

Residential Halls Masonry Pinning - 2018
Project No. SCSU-2017-1B
Bid No. RFQ-18-SCSU-08
Project Awarded to New England Masonry & Roofing Co. on June 11, 2018
Parking Lot #9 Renovations - 2018
Project No. SCSU-2017-07
Bid No. RFQ-18-SCSU-09
Project Awarded to Laydon Industries on June 4, 2018
GIS Laboratory Renovations - 2018
Project No.  SCSU-2018-01
Bid No. SBE-18-SCSU-06
Project Awarded to Mazzarella Builders, Inc. on May 8, 2018


 Granoff Hall Renovations for Holding Cell - 2018

Project No. SCSU-2017-09

Bid No. SBE-18-SCSU-07

Project Awarded to Diversity Construction Group LLC on May 10, 2018


*Last Update: June 11, 2018