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Purchasing Hotel Services

New Haven, CT  06515


TO:                   The University Community
FROM:              Richard Glasson-Purchasing Assistant- 203-392-6702
SCSU's purchasing records indicate that over the last several fiscal years departments on campus have acquired hotel accommodations for various events.  In an effort to help facilitate the purchase of this service, the SCSU Procurement Services Department has gone out to bid for hotel & banquet facility services and selected Gaurvi Hospitality LLC/DBA Clarion Hotel & Suites as the vendor of choice. The vendor is offering the following services; rooms, conference room rentals, web site reservations, complimentary shuttle services to the University for official business, room service, fitness facility, pool and business center, complimentary parking, and provide discounted rates and promotional brochures for visitors not being paid for by the University.  We have created a blanket order to the Clarion Hotel to cover the period of July 1,2017 to June 30,2018. This blanket order process will provide the rate of $109.00 for the rental of the house rooms. The rate for a visitor of SCSU whose room is not being paid for by the University will be $119.00.  Conference Room rentals will be billed at the rate of $150.00.  We are aware that some events may require a higher level hotel be utilized. In this event a department will need to submit a purchase requisition for these services and make their own arrangements.  The blanket order also eliminates departments from having to submit a separate requisition each time the Clarion Hotel is needed.  The only necessity is an invoice referring to P0057333  attached to a voucher/disbursement for payment processing. The following procedures to acquire The Clarion Hotel service using blanket order P0057333 are as follows:

  1. Please contact the Clarion Hotel & Suites  to reserve a room in advance at 203-288-3831 and use the Blanket Account number as your payment method.
  2. Indicate SCSU Blanket Order P0057333 to the Clarion Hotel representative;
  3. The requesting department must provide contact name, department, telephone number and e-mail address to the Clarion Hotel representative;
  4. The Clarion Hotel will provide the requisitioning department a confirmation number for the reservation;
  5. Following the event the Clarion Hotel will invoice the requesting departments;
  6. Upon receipt of the Clarion invoice, the requesting department must complete a voucher/disbursement, attach the Clarion Hotel invoice, and have the appropriate banner cost center manager sign the voucher/disbursement form as authorization for payment.

The voucher/disbursement and Clarion Hotel invoice must then be forwarded to the Accounts Payable Department in Wintergreen Building for payment processing. 
Please note: The costs associated with reserving the Clarion Hotel will be charged against the requesting department's banner cost center.  The University does not have a general cost center to pay for this expense. Blanket order P0057333 is simply a method to help facilitate the purchase of this service.   For this blanket account process to succeed, the requesting department must be certain that payment is made to the vendor in a timely manner.  Therefore, The Clarion's invoice with the voucher/disbursement must be submitted to Accounts Payable upon receipt. 
If there are any questions concerning this matter, please feel free to contact me.