AUGUST 2014 - OPRA Issues "Public Records Policy 02: Digital Imaging"

The Office of the Public Records Administrator (OPRA) has issued Public Records Policy 2: Digital Imaging.  This policy became effective on August 14, 2014, supersedes General Letter 2001-01 Standards for the Use of Imaging Technology, and must be read in conjunction with the Digital Imaging Standards

Policy 02: Digital Imaging applies to all state agencies within the executive department, municipalities, and other political subdivisions of the state, that scan records either in-house or using vendor services.

In addition to the policy and standards, there is a new disposition form that must be used to request authorization to destroy original paper records after scanning. Form RC-108.1 for state agencies replaces the Digital Imaging Certificate of Compliance that agencies and municipalities were formerly required to submit to the Public Records Administrator. This form certifies compliance with the policy and designates the scanned image as the official record copy.

Public Records Policy 02 permits state agencies and municipalities to scan and destroy original paper records that have a retention period of less than permanent.  After the approved disposition of original public records in paper format, the digital images must be maintained in compliance with the retention requirements listed on the applicable records retention schedule issued by the Public Records Administrator.

The policy and standard can be accessed directly at these links:

Thank you,
Phil Koslowski, MILS
University Records Specialist

JULY 2014 - OPRA to Revise State Records Retention Schedules!

In the coming months, the Office of the Public Records Administrator (OPRA) will be revising all Connecticut Records Retention Schedules.  As each new schedule is issued, I will distribute it to the campus community as well as post it on SCSU’s Records and Information Management website at I urge you to read each new schedule carefully and to become familiar with its contents. As you do so, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

The first revision, S1-Administrative Records Retention Schedule, is available here: Please review this schedule carefully as the revision was extremely comprehensive—from 7 pages to 22 pages—and OPRA added many new Records Series to this document.

In addition, OPRA is going to revamp General Letter 2009-2,
Management & Retention of E-Mail & Other Electronic Messages as well as create an official policy for the retention of “born digital” records (those records that originate in digital form).

Finally, for your information, here is a link to the State of CT’s Records Management Program -

In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at x26205 or

Thank you,
Phil Koslowski, MILS
University Records Specialist