Grade Replacement

Grade Replacement Contract -  Winter Session 2016GRADE REPLACEMENT CONTRACT - SPRING 2016

The university has enacted a new Grade Replacement Policy for all undergraduate students.  Please read the policy at the bottom of this page or in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Students must be registered for the replacement course prior to filling out the Grade Replacement Contract.  Grade Replacement Contracts must be completed on-line on the Registrar's Office website.  

If you have any questions regarding the Grade Replacement Policy, please contact your academic advisor.

Replacement Grade Option

If a student wishes to retake a course for a different grade, he/she can register for the course again as a "Replacement" course.  Although both grades will appear on the student's transcript, the replacement course grade will be  used to calculate the student's University GPA instead of the old grade.  The student receives credit for the course only once.  If the student has already taken the course more than once, the replacement grade will be used in place of the lowest previous grade for the course in order to calculate the student's university GPA.  

Conditions and Restrictions


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