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At the beginning of each semester, during a designated time period, instructors will submit their 'Attendance Report' within Banner Web. While the portal is open, instructors can continue to update their report. If a student attends after being reported as 'never attended', highlight the name in the right column and click submit to move them back to the attended list. Directions for for reporting and making changes are available:  Directions for Attendance Verification (PDF)

At the end of the reporting period, if an instructor has reported a student as having never attended a class, the Registrar's Office will change the registration status to Never Attended (NA). This will remove the student from the roster; and an 'N' will be reported on the transcript.

The Registrar's Office will send an email to the student and the instructor as notification of the update. The email will inform the student to contact the instructor if they feel the report was in error. If the instructor in fact has made an error in reporting, the instructor will email by the deadline (which will be indicated in the email notification), and the Registrar's Office will re-register the student for the class.  The email from the instructor must follow specific guidelines:

    1. Sent from the instructors email account to
    2. Have a Subject Line of: [STUDENT ID – LAST NAME – ATTENDED]
    3. Body of Email must include the Student ID, Name, and Course: (CRN) Subject Course Number-Section
    4. Email must be sent prior to the deadline date indicated 

After the deadline date, any approvals for re-registration must come from the Dean of the School to The email from the Dean should follow the same guidelines as above.

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