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To request Transcripts Online

Note:  Students who have not attended the University within the past 2 years may not be able to order complete transcripts on-line.  Please use the Transcript Request Form.

  • Loginto BannerWeb
  • Click on Student Records
  • Click on Request Printed/Official Transcript
  • Select whether to send to 1) External College Code, 2) One of your Addresses, 3) Internal College Code, 4) Issue To
  • Select official transcript
  • Click on continue
  • Select number of copies (limit of 1)
  • Delivery method = standard delivery
  • Cut off term = standard mailing
  • Click on continue
  • You will see a Transcript Request Confirmation
  • Click on Submit Request

to request transcripts using a transcript request form

There is no longer a fee for official transcript requests.

Official University transcripts for graduate schools, prospective employers, and other institutions that are not requested using BannerWeb Services must be requested in writing. The request may be completed on the official form, available in the Registrar's Office, or by clicking on the link below:

Transcript Request Form

Generally, students who request transcripts for themselves will receive an official transcript that is marked issued to student.

Mailed in or faxed in requests are usually processed in the order that they are received, within 4 to 5 business days, except during peak periods when the processing time averages 10 to 15 business days. We will not process your transcript request if you still owe Southern any fees or fines.  On-line requests submitted through BannerWeb Services are printed on the same day that they are requested, and are mailed in 1 to 2 business days (possibly longer during peak periods).

If you indicate on your request that the transcript is to be held for completion of courses-in-progress, processing will occur within ten working days after the final grades are posted. We suggest that you make your request during the week of final examinations. 

Emergency Transcripts

You may request an Emergency Transcript at the Registrar's Office in the Wintergreen Building Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Emergency Transcripts are $15 each and only one emergency transcript may be requested per day.  Fill out the form (which is only available in the Registrar's Office), take the form with you to the Student Accounts Office when you make the $15 payment, and the Student Accounts Office will stamp the form as paid. Return the stamped form to the Registrar's Office and have your proof of identification (either a Hoot Loot card or a valid driver's license) ready for the staff member attending the front window.  Emergency Transcripts must be requested in person, no exceptions. 

Students with transcript records from the 1980's or prior may have transcripts that have not been automated in our system.  These students would be ineligible to receive Emergency Transcripts.  Please call ahead to (203) 392-5301 to verify whether or not your transcript has been automated.

Emergency transcripts are issued to the student.  It is the student's responsibility to verify it will be accepted by the intended recipient.

No refunds will be given for Emergency Transcripts.  

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