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Transfer Credit Approval

  • Matriculated students who plan to take courses at other institutions must obtain prior approval by filling out a Transfer Credit Approval Form and submitting it to the Registrar's Office with the course descriptions attached, in order to apply this course work toward the degree requirements of the University.
  • All Biology, Business, English, Mathematics, or World Languages & Literatures (formerly known as Foreign Language) courses must first have departmental approval.  The World Languages & Literatures department will not accept the transfer of any online course(s).  After the approval signature is obtained, the form should be brought to the Registrar's Office for the Registrar's approval.  
Dept Phone Fax Dept. Chair
Biology (203) 392-6211 (203) 392-5364 Dr. Sean Grace
Business - ACC (203) 392-5691 (203) 392-5863 Dr. Janet Phillips
Business - ECO/FIN (203) 392-5629 (203) 392-5254 Dr. Benjamin A. Abugri
Business - MGT/MIS (203) 392-6197 (203) 392-5049 Dr. Richard Bassett
Business - MKT (203) 392-5435 (203) 392-5643 Dr. Lynn Kwak
English (203) 392-6726 (203) 392-6731 Dr. Michael Shea
Math (203) 392-7166 (203) 392-6808 Dr. Leon Q. Brin
World Languages (203) 392-6770 (203) 392-6316 Dr. Resha Cardone
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 before any courses will be transferred in.
  • Once you submit the form it will be either approved or rejected and you will receive a copy of the form in your OWLS e-mail account.
  • If the transfer course is approved, the student should send a copy of their transcript from the other university with the graded course to the Registrar's Office to be added to their SCSU transcript.
  • When waiting for a course to be added to your transcript, please check your unofficial transcript using Banner Self-Service. Once a course is added to your transcript it shows up on the web immediately.

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