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Withdrawal from a Course

Full-time and part-time student may withdraw from a full semester course prior to the tenth week of classes (please check the current semester's calendar for exact date).  Students may withdraw from eight-week courses prior to the sixth week of classes. Such withdrawal is recorded as a "W" on the transcript. 

A student can withdraw from a course online via BannerWeb Services or in person in the Registrar's Office, Wintergreen Building.  It is understood that every student should confer with his or her instructor and academic adviser prior to withdrawing from a course. 

Withdrawals after the ten-week period (please check the current semester's calendar for exact date) may be done with the consent of the instructor.  Late course withdrawals are to be viewed as exceptions to the general policy.  In a case where the instructor feels a late withdrawal is justified, the instructor should obtain fill out a Late Course Withdrawal Form available in the Registrar's Office.  Late Course Withdrawals cannot be submitted after the last scheduled class meeting.

For more information please consult the current course schedule. 

Withdrawal from University 

Undergraduate withdrawal

An undergraduate student who wants to withdraw from the university officially should consult the Registrar's Office in the Wintergreen Building. The retention officer will discuss the withdrawal with the student and will also make a preliminary evaluation of readmission possibilities. The student will then complete an official withdrawal form. Students who are withdrawing should carefully note the following:

  • Readmission at a later date is not automatic; application for readmission may be made in the Registrar's Office in the Wintergreen Building.
  • Students readmitted to the university after a withdrawal are held to the academic requirements in effect in the catalog at the time of their readmission.
  • For students who withdraw from the university before the last scheduled class, a grade of W will be assigned for all courses taken that semester.
  • Students who do not officially withdraw but cease to attend classes are considered enrolled and will receive failing grades.
  • Students who plan to complete the semester but do not intend to return the following semester should complete their withdrawal  forms prior to their last final examination dated effective after the end of the semester.
  • Reminder: Failure to withdraw officially may result in failing grades being recorded on your transcript. It may also lead to problems with debt to the university and affect future financial aid awards.
  • A leave of absence may be discussed with the retention officer. A leave of absence is designed for students who have a specific time frame in which they plan to return to Southern.  Please contact Monica Raffone for Leave of Absence form.
  • The refund policy, if applicable, may be found in the Student Accounts Office Web site at  as well as in the Fees and Expenses section of the undergraduate catalog.

Withdrawal Form - (Undergraduates only)

Graduate withdrawal

Graduate students seeking to withdraw from the university can obtain the appropriate forms here.

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