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Research Reassigned Time: School of Business

Guidelines for applications are as follows:


1. All full-time faculty are eligible to apply, including those who have received research reassigned time (from any source) for previous semesters, although priority will be given to meritorious applications for new projects.

2. Applications should submit specific proposals, no more than two pages in length, stating clearly what the applicant proposes to do, and how the applicant proposes to use three hours of reassigned time to do it. Type and double space proposals. (A list of criteria used to evaluate research reassigned time proposals is attached.) Be sure to indicate likely outcomes of the research to be performed.

3. Submit ONE copy of a brief vita, not to exceed two pages, which includes a listing of any previous reassigned time awarded, research awards, publications, exhibits, compositions, and the like.

4. Applicants agree, if awarded research reassigned time, to write a one-page summary of their accomplishments at the close of the reassigned time period. The summary should be sent to Academic Affairs. In addition, all successful applicants will make a twenty-minute presentation of their research project to the School of Business faculty as part of an effort to improve communication among faculty.

Successful applicants are expected to work with their chairpersons to ensure that their academic schedule carries no mor than a 9-hour teaching load. (Successful applicants should not receive more than 9 hours load credit from other sources during the semester that the research reassigned time is used.)

6. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in disqualification of the application.



1. VALUE AS RESEARCH OR CREATIVE ACTIVITY. As described, how significant is the proposed research or creative activity? Is the proposed project really a faculty development project? A curriculum development project? etc. Is the proposal clear and complete enough so hat the project's value can be assessed? What are the likely outcomes?

2. LIKELIHOOD OF COMPLETION. Does the faculty member have the background and access to sufficient resources to complete the project in timely fashion? Do the faculty member's reports of previous reassigned time awards (if any) show evidence of timely completion of proposed projects?

3. APPROPRIATENESS OF 3 HOURS REASSIGNED TIME. Does 3 hours reassigned time project too much time considering the proposal's scope?