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research reassigned time: school of health and human services



To encourage and support scholarly/creative activities, which will enhance the faculty member's professional development, reflect positively on the school and university, and further one's discipline.

This is one of a number of programs that seeks to implement the research objectives of the University's Strategic Plan. The School's Scholarship Released Time Program also serves as a mechanism for enhancing and fostering the interdisciplinary, collaborative mission of the school among and between faculty and students.

Scholarly/creative activities are to be interpreted broadly. Thus, it may include research (for example, data collection), writing for publication, or writing grant proposals.


Full-time faculty who have had a minimum of one year of full-time service in the university. Faculty who are on a temporary appointment are not eligible. Preference will be given to faculty who have never received Scholarship Reassigned Time awards before.

Amount of Released Time

It should be recognized that proposals must be reviewed within the context of the total number of credits available to the school. Requests may be made for one (1) to six (6) credits. Faculty should discuss with the department chairperson how the credit load is to be adjusted.

While this program has been established to facilitate faculty scholarship, please keep in mind that this is an expected behavior of the faculty role. It is also important to remember that faculty are expected to continue filling their other responsibilities such as teaching, committee assignments, and students advising, while actualizing their scholarly pursuits.

Other Supports

To the extent possible, the School of Health and Human Services will assist with the provision of supplies, typing, clerical and computer assistance.

Time Period

Released time will be granted for one semester (fall or spring). Faculty who desire two consecutive semesters of released time must submit two separate proposals with specific timelines for goal attainment. A report of progress made during the first semester must be submitted by the due date for proposals for the next semester.

Due Dates

Proposals must be submitted by March 1st for the following fall semester. Proposals for the spring semester must be submitted by October 1st.


•  Process

Eight copies of the proposal are to be submitted, using the identified format, to the department chairperson, who will sign and forward seven copies to the dean. A faculty committee comprised of representatives from each of the departments and appointed by the dean will be established by October 1 of each year and will serve for the entire academic year. It will review the proposals and make recommendations to the dean for approval. Faculty members who serve on the committee are not eligible to submit proposals during the year they serve.

•  Factors to be Considered

•  Stage of the proposed project; that is, those projects which are in progress or near completion will be given preference.

•  Preference will also be given to proposals that are interdisciplinary, include student, or address one of the following activities;

•  Research, especially if it is community-based (that is, takes place in one of our clinical, field or community agencies) and includes staff and/or students.

•  Grant proposals.

•  Writing for publication (journal article, chapter for a book, book).

•  Research which addresses teaching, curriculum, or student issues.

•  Consideration will also be given to doctoral candidates who are at the data collection or completion of the dissertation stage of the degree.

Notification of Awards

Applicants will be notified in writing concerning the decision about their proposals by November 15th for spring semester and April 15th for fall semester.

Awardees will be required to submit a written report within six (6) weeks of the completion of the released time period to the dean; and a one-page summary to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.