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CSU Research Grants 2004:


LastName Firstname Department Grant Title
Abe Jo Ann Psychology Using psychological research to illuminate economic and political issues: Two text analysis studies
Anthis Kristine Psychology Similarities and Differences: Re-examining the Calamity Theory of Growth by Gender
Bier Lisa Library Services Libraries, Archives, Indigenous Populations, and Intellectual Repatriation
Breslin Vincent Science & Education Depositional History of Contaminant Metals in Bridgeport and New Haven Harbors
Bynum Terry Philosophy The History and Nature of Computer Ethics: Part I
Cipriano Robert Recreation & Leisure Effects of a token system on social behaviors of adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders
Coron Cynthia R. Earth Science Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Precambrian Stratiform Barite Deposits, Southern U.S.: Implications for the Composition of the Early Atmosphere & Oceans
Crawford Ilene English Qualitative Study of Vietnamese Women's Foreign Language Literacy Practices
Crawford Sarah Biology Research studies on solid tumor structure, gene expression profiles, & in vitro experimental chemotherapy responses by confocal laser microscopy & tissue microarrays
Daponte John Computer Science Application of Segmentation Algorithms to Bone Density Images
Edgington Nicholas Biology Investigation of Cyclin-dependent kinase control of cell morphogenesis
Fluhr Nicole English Telling what's o'er: Remaking the Sonnet Cycle in Augusta Webster's Mother and Daughter
Holbrook Sue Ellen English Sex in the Desert: Women's Stories in the World of Vitas Patrum
Jacobs John Psychology Is Psychopathology a Risk Factor for Cancer Onset
Keenan Elizabeth Social Work Understanding the Needs and Experiences of Clients with Significant Barriers to Employment Who Are Transitioning from Welfare to Work
Kowalczyk Gregory Chemistry The Effect of atypical Lighting Conditions on Anthocyanin Levels in Chicory (Chicorium Intybus)
LaDousa Chaise Anthropology Students Reflect on Languages of Science; English and Hindi in Delhi Schools
Levine David A. Art Portraits of Dutch Preachers during Holland's "Golden Age," 1560-1648
Liu Yan Quan Info & Library Science The Impact of Digital Libraries on the Urban Residents of New England
Magno Cathryn Ed. Leadership & Policy Studies Gender Equity in Education and Policy in Azerbaijan
Manzella Joseph Anthropology Work and Revitalization in Belfast: Habitat for Humanity as an ideological bridge
Palma Pina Foregin Languages Savoring the Power and Eating the Times: Food in Italian Literature from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
Parrish Tim English Background Research and Drafting a Fake, a Novel
Pettigrew David Philosophy A book translation of Jean-Luc Nancy's La Creation du Monde ou La Mondialisation (Galilee, 2002)
Petto Christine History When France was King of 'Kartographie': The Patronage and Production of Maps in Early Modern France
Pinciu Val Mathematics Art Galleries with Holes
Prince Melvin Mutual Effects of Spouse Life Satisfaction on Dual Career Couples
Purdy Mary Communication Disorders Cognitive flexibility and communication in aphasia
Rai, Kul Walsh, Dave Political Science Teachers Manual on Ending Prejudice
Rakfeldt Jaak Social Work Mental Maps, Memories, and Life Stories: Preservation of Estonian National Identity
Rogers, Michael Selvaggio, Marie Anthropology Searching for the Earliest Traces of Human Behavior at Laetoli, Tanzania
Ryan Michael Sociology The Life Experiences of Irish Women in the Western United State Between 1845 and 1899.
Sche Josephine Info & Library Science Developing the Metadata Bibliographic Database System for Creating the Digital Union Catalog for Ancient Chinese Books
Serchuk Camille Art Realm and Representation in France at the End of the Middle Ages
Shipley Vivian English Revising and Writing Poems Based on Locations Central to Live of New England Men and Women
Sierpinski Cort Art The Human, The Structure, The Ethereal Sphere
Skoczen Kathleen Anthropology Employment Patterns and Tourism Development in the Dominican Republic
Slomba Jeff Art Sculpture and Drawing: memory of structures
Smith, Dwight Schultz, Gerlad Biology; Mathematics Modeling Dispersal Wave Dynamics of Invasive Species
Solodow Joseph B. Foreign Languages Latin and the Romance Languages
Thompson C. Michael History Carriers of Hope, the Role of Children in the Vaccination Movement in East Asia
Vancour, Michele Sherman, William Public Health; Psychology Motherhood Ideology, Role Balance and Health-Promoting Behaviors of Non-Tenured Academic Mothers
Vena Michael Foreign Languages Translation and Analysis La moglie ideale(The Ideal Wife) by Marco Praga (1862-1929)
Vocisano Carina Psychology Therapist Variables that Predict Change in Psychotherapy with Chronically Depressed Outpatients
Vu Thuan Art Vietnamese Silk-Painting in America
Weiss, Deborah Dempsey, James Communication Disorders Performance of Monolingual and Bilingual Speakers on the English and Spanish Versions of the Hearing in Noise Test (HINT)
Yacher Leon Geography The Urban Geography of Bishkek, capital city of the Kyrgyz Republic