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Gender Inclusive Housing


The Office of Residence Life and Southern Connecticut State University recognize that some students, regardless of sexual orientation, are most comfortable rooming with others of different gender. The Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) option also ensures that students who are transgender, intersex, or otherwise do not identify within the gender binary, are not required to be housed with a specific gender. Students interested in Gender Inclusive Housing can select this option through their housing application in the my housing portal.

Gender Inclusive Housing allows students, in mutual agreement, to share a multiple occupancy room or suite/apartment, regardless of the students' biological sex or gender identity. This affords students the opportunity to choose to live with whom they are most comfortable and provides housing options for students who may identify as transgender, are questioning their gender identity, or do not wish to prescribe to gender classifications. Gender Inclusive Housing allows all students to figure out how gender might factor into their rooming preferences.

How to Apply

On your housing application, for the question that asks "Which room selection process would you like to participate in?", please select “Gender Inclusive Housing Room Selection”. You will be placed into a room selection process with other students who have chosen this housing option. You will be able to match roommates within this group, if you would like, and may choose from any available gender inclusive room during room selection.