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One of the unique aspects of living on campus is that you have access to a support system of nearly 200 full-time and student staff members who are ready to assist you with your academic and personal needs. Whether you have questions about campus resources, need assistance transitioning to college life, or just need someone to talk to, we are here for you. Our residence life staff members include:

Central Office and Administrative Staff

Our central office staff provides leadership and support for the department.  This includes our director, two associate directors, an assistant director, and administrative support professionals.

Hall Director

Our Hall Directors are full-time employees of Southern Connecticut State University who live in a residence hall and provide supervision of the student staff in the building. The Hall Director is responsible for the hall community and for helping students access university, academic, and personal resources.

Graduate Interns

Our Graduate Interns are graduate students who assist the Hall Director in providing supervision and coverage in the residence halls. Graduate Interns also provide support in the development of a number of department initiatives including staff selection, training, assessment, and programming.