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Still Exploring Majors

Residence Hall: Wilkinson

Still ExploringThe Still Exploring Majors is a Living Learning Community designed for first year students that are still deciding what they would like to choose to major in. These students would identify as undeclared students. Students who live in this community will engage in an academic and residential community with other students with similar interests and commonalities while exploring there first year as a Southern student. The benefits to living in this community is building close relationships with fellow students while exploring different majors and major choices that are connected to career options. Additional support for members of this community will be provided by SCSU student leaders who will help students in this community explore and connect you to campus resources while they share their experiences with their younger peers.

Your INQ course will be specific to this community (all first year students are required to take an INQ course and is required for every major).

Students that live in the Still Exploring Majors LLC will:

  • Participate in programs that will encourage self-exploration.
  • Become familiar with and learn to properly utilize campus resources.
  • Participate in career-related university events including major expos, career fairs, and major-specific student organization events.