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Transfer Connections

Residence Hall: Schwartz

Transfer ConnectionsThe Transfer Connections Themed Community provides a supportive environment for incoming and returning transfer students to successfully transition and maintain success within SCSU’s culture and community. Students in this community will live among other students who have previously transferred or who are actively involved on campus and are looking to help new transfer students make strong connections, both academically and socially. Programming in this community will be tailored to help new transfer students make these connections and to establish themselves as Southern Owls on campus. 

Students who live in the Transfer themed community will:

  • Become acquainted with on and off campus resources that will assist their transition to the university.
  • Build a rapport with each other, recognize shared experiences, and contribute positively to the community around them.
  • Become acclimated into the academic structure of the university and recognize academic resources available to them.

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