Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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ACETO, Antonio, Mr.26003  
BARBARO, Lisa, Ms.26022  
BARBIERI, Len, Mr.26032  
BROWN, Meghan, Mrs.26002  
CAVANAUGH, Richard M., Mr.26010  
COHEN, Adam, Mr.25759  
COLE, Nate, Mr.26122  
CYR, Jesse, Mr.28784  
DALE, Allison, Mrs.26007
DAVIS, Charlie, Mr.26090  
DECRESCENZO, Sharon, Mrs.26047  
DIDIO, Katie, Ms.28842  
DODGE, Michael, Mr.26011  
DONNELLY, Mike, Mr.26017  
FARRIER, Ann 25127  
FRANKOWSKI, Kathy, Ms.26153  
FRASSINELLI, Kelley, Mrs.25981  
GODEK, Thomas E., Mr.26013  
HANNAH, Corey, Mr.27112  
HINES, Joseph26016  
HURST, Matt26026
IACOMINI, Kerry, Ms.26153  
KOBYLANSKI, Michael, Mr.26005  
LANG, Thomas, Mr.26018  
LETKOWSKI, Matthew, Mr.26048  
LYNN, Christopher J., Mr.26028  
MAKUBIKA, Michael, Mr.25411  
MARRONE, Jane E., Ms.25418  
MATTERA, Tom, Mr.25636  
MINNS, Jason, Mr.06043  
MULLIN, Linda, Ms.28874  
NELSON, Carol A., Ms.26007  
NELSON, Jerry28874  
NICOL, Patricia26045  
PEARMAN, Belinda26025  
QUILL, Tim26026  
SHEA, Timothy K., Mr.26021  
SOKAITIS, Amy, Ms27004  
SPELLMAN, Maureen, Ms.26940  
STOLL, Melissa, Ms.26019  
VAN GILDER, Joseph, Mr.26023  
WALLIN, John, Mr.26023  
WHITE, Caitlyn, Ms.25152