Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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ADAMS, Claire S., Ms.25587  
AROMOLARAN, Simisola, Mrs. 25587  
AUDIE, Nicole, Mrs.25587  
BENNETT, Therese L., Dr.26997
BRANDI, Carmel-Lynn, Ms.25576  
BRECHLIN, Donald P. 25587  
BRENNAN, Sean, Mr. 25587  
BRIN, Leon Q., Dr.27166  
CAFASSO, Cynthia, Mrs. 25587  
CAPPELLO, Paul A., Mr.25587  
CARRIGAN, Braxton, Dr.26520  
CARRIGAN, Catie, Mrs.25868  
CLARK, Aaron S, Dr.25590  
D'AMOUR, Alain, Dr.25579  
DAUPERN, Peter, Mr.25587  
DAVISON, Amy, Ms.25587  
DECESARE, Richard P., Dr.25596  
DECESARE, Vincent, Mr. 25587  
DENNIS, Emmett C., Dr.25582  
DIAMANTIS, Maria, Dr.26143  
DIEHL, Christine M. , Mrs. 25587  
DRUCKER, Vitaly, Dr.25587  
EBRAHIMIAN, Roohollah25439  
EL-NABBOUT, Marie, Dr.25594  
FEINN, Richard, Dr.25587  
FIELDS, Joseph, Dr.26519  
FIORILLO, Elizabeth, Ms. 25587  
GILLIAM, Susan W., Dr.25587  
GINGRICH, Ross B., Dr.25581  
GUBITOSE, Cynthia B., Dr.25593  
HART, Elizabeth, Ms.27212  
HARTOG, Martin, Dr.25595  
HARUN, Harriet, Mrs. 25587  
HONG, Jooyoun, Dr.25583  
INTARAPANICH, Peter, Dr.25584  
KAVANAGH, John P., Dr.25585  
KIMBALL, Stephanie, Ms.25587  
KRAMER, Richard P., Mr.25587  
KRUCZEK, Klay, Dr.25591  
MIDDENDORF, Norman, Mr.25587  
MORGAN, Winnifred, Ms.25587  
MUGNO, Raymond A., Dr.25592  
NIGAM, Chaitanya, Mr. 25587  
OLSON, Ruth, Ms.25587  
OLUMIDE, Kunle, Dr.25587  
ORCIUCH, Robbie, Mr. 25587  
ORLANDO, Gary, Mr. 25587  
PALMER, Alexandria, Mrs.25587  
PERUGINI, Saverio, Dr. (Sam)25587  
PERUTA, David A. 25587  
PINCIU, Valeriu, Dr.26521  
REDMOND, Nancy, Ms. 25587  
REMEC, Erik, Mr. 25587  
REYMAN, Peter, Mr. 25587  
RIKUN, Anatoliy, Dr. 25587  
RIO-ROSS, Joshua, Mr.25587  
RIZZI, Richard, Mr. 25587  
RONDINONE, Kathleen, Dr. 25587  
SCARPA, Edmund, Mr. 25587  
SCHEUERMANN, John C., Dr.25580  
SERKIN, Sarah, Ms.25587  
SPENCER, Susan, Mrs.25587  
SUTHERLAND, Theresa , Mrs. 25587  
TETREAULT, Jaqueline, Ms. 25587  
THIEL, Robert, Dr.25587  
TOMCHIK, Patricia, Mrs.25587  
VADEN-GOAD, Robert, Dr.25578  
WARSHALL, Andrew, Mr.25587  
WILLIAMS, Anne S., Mrs.25587